Saturday 2 October 2010

Disney on Ice

The lovely Voucher Mum is running a competition over on her blog to win tickets for Disney on Ice and we were lucky enough to win the first family pass. There are still some dates available so go over there and enter and then come back and read all about it!  

Last night saw us on the rainiest, most miserable day of the year so far on the train to Nottingham with Chick and the Punk.  As I'm a terrible Mother I took them to McDonalds before we headed to the Ice Arena to partake in the buying of lots of plastic rubbish that lights up and swings around their head for the show ;-)

Thanks to the fact that we'd won the tickets we had the most amazing seats:

The whole show was hosted by Mickey and Minnie and was completely amazing. It included songs from Aladdin, Pinocchio, Beauty & the Beast, Toy Story, Mulan and my absolute favourite The Lion King which was so good it made me want to go and see the stage show even more! There was also a dance where the castle turned into the Small World ride from Disneyland and all the characters came skating out, as soon as the music started there was a collective groan from the parents which made me chuckle a lot!!!

The ice skating was brilliant and the show is very well thought out and put together.  A couple of people did fall over but I guess that's to be expected when you are watching ice skating.  We would have been more than happy for the show to last even longer and it definitely left us wanting more.  Chick wants to know if we can go back each night that it's there!!!!

I took loads of pictures but my camera isn't very good at capturing moving objects....a few of them are ok though:

If you get the chance then you should definitely go and see it. We thoroughly recommend it :-)
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