Tuesday 26 October 2010

A (half) Day in the Life Of!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I saw on awesome post on Betty's blog that was a day in the life of type thing. She had all these amazing pictures of what she did during the day so I thought I'd go ahead and try it!!! I started off well with Chick leaving the house:

Then a picture of her smelling the lavender:

Bit random but then this is what we do every morning! It's also at a funny angle because the people who own the house were watching us from the window thinking we were completely insane!!!

Every day when I get to work I have a lovely, healthy, well prepared breakfast of erm....well toast actually.....which doesn't make for that interesting a picture:

By now you are all really jealous of my fabulous life, right???? Hahahaha! This is my (very messy) work desk:

And now all my colleagues are looking at me like I'm completely nuts and wondering what the hell is going on.....so what's a girl to do???? Take a picture of them obviously!!!

With my day at work covered, what next? Well I went shopping at Sainsburys but didn't dare take a picture there in case they wondered why I was behaving so strangely.  I came home and cooked dinner which looked awful so I thought I'd better not take pictures of that either!  Then, I'm all ok....I'll take a picture of us chillaxing in our lovely lounge hmmmmm......but it's a bit messy so maybe the bedroom instead.....not so much because it looks like squatters live there! So instead I leave you with half a day in the life of!!! Next half coming soon ;-)
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