Saturday 23 October 2010

VIP Bloggers Day Out

My lovely regular readers will know that I'm a very lucky lady and that I occasionally get asked to attend completely amazing events. On Friday myself, Josie, Victoria and children were invited to be VIP's at the Sea Life Centre in the heart of Birmingham. We were greeted by Louise the Marketing Manager and our very knowledgeable guide for the day, Dave.

After a quite delicious breakfast to help us recover from the traumatic journey (another post that I'll come back too!!) it was time for our very own VIP tour. We started off by attiring ourselves with a lovely shark hat and then heading for a look at the Rays and Sharks:

Next stop was the crabs and Starfish which we all got to touch. The crabs Dave was able to pick up but we had to stroke the Starfish in the water as they are soft and so unable to be handled:

Obviously when I say 'we' touched the creatures I use the royal 'we'! I touched nothing because I'm an absolute girl but my daughter reliably informs me that the Starfish were soft but furry and the Sea Anemones were sticky and horrible!!!

We then wondered amongst the fish tanks looking at some amazing things although my favourite are always the Clownfish!!! Unfortunately at this point Chick started feeling unwell and then promptly threw up (all over the Cafe!!) but the others went on to feed the Stingrays, look at the Turtles and see the only Hammerhead Sharks in England. I'm not jealous much honest ;-)

After a lie down Chick perked up for a time so I got to eat lunch and talk blogging with the Ladies and we all posed for a group pic:

We made it to the 4D cinema experience which was fabulous even with the goofy glasses that you need to wear. Next up was a trip through the Mirror Maze on the way to finally catch up with the Sharks. I managed to see this much shark before Chick was to ill too continue and we had to go home (bless her):

Obviously this now warrants a return visit to catch up on the things that we missed!!! I'd like to say a huge thank you to Sea Life for having us and also for being completely unfazed by Chick throwing up everywhere and for their concern about her being ill! They were also kind enough to give Chick a goody bag:

For more pictures of the day click the slideshow below:

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