Sunday 7 November 2010

Bonfire Night

So I'm aware that I'm behind the times as per usual and that bonfire night was actually on Friday but thought that I would share anyway! This year we decided to head Twin Lakes for their 'Pirates Revenge' themed bonfire night and fireworks with a few friends and I have to say that it was absolutely brilliant!

After the weather on Friday being warm enough to wear flip flops and no coat, by last night it had changed and was almost perfect bonfire night conditions....freezing cold with a super clear night sky. On arrival we were greeted by 'Scary' Pirates:

How cute do the kids look in their bobble hats and ear muffs???

We first headed for the hot doughnut stall because we all need something warming on a cold November evening!!! Then we let the kids run off and ride as many things as possible before heading for the bonfire and what a monster of a bonfire it was:

Shaped as a pirate ship in keeping with the theme and soooooo hot that we had to move away from it as we felt like we were getting burnt!!!  We managed to find a nice distance away though where we still close enough to feel the heat whilst we were watching the fireworks!

Now being the old cynical British woman I am, I don't generally expect much from fireworks in England!!! My favourite fireworks ever are the Lake Tahoe ones on the 4th July and nothing has ever really come close to being as impressive as they are. Last nights though were pretty incredible! My camera batteries ran out (epic fail!!!) and I ony managed to get this shot with my phone:

The finale was awesome and I may even have ooooohed and aaaaahed like a girl!!! I didn't want it to end at all!! A thoroughly fun night and highly recommended!!  What did you do for bonfire night? Hope that you had fun and all kept safe!
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