Monday 22 November 2010

Friends (or a lack of!!)

My girl and I have a routine going on the way home from school, whereby I mostly bombard her with questions about her day i.e. What did you eat for lunch? What was cool at school? Who did you play with? The answers to the questions are different each day. Some days I just get a shrug of the shoulders and some days I’m lucky enough to get full sentences!!!

Today though all the way home my poor girl just talked about how unpopular she is and how she doesn’t have too many friends. We had a chat about how it’s the quality of friends that count and not the amount that you have but she pointed out that I have ‘hundreds of friends all over the world’ which is kind of true but I reassured her that it sucks when most of your best friends live far away!!! I’ve had a quiet chat with the Teacher and she says that she hasn’t seen any problems with her having a lack of friends. I tried to talk her round about it but she was having none of it.

So my question to you my lovely readers is how to address this with her?  Chick has gone off to Brownies still worrying about being unpopular. How can I reassure her that she’s fine just as she is without making a big deal out of it? Should I just ignore it or maybe encourage her to start having her school friends around for tea? Any advice you can give me would be gratefully received.
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