Thursday 20 January 2011

Following my Dreams

I'm sure it's the fact that it's January but I've been having an urge to change or to do something with my life. It may be my notoriously itchy feet as we haven't been abroad or to far flung places for a year and I'm desperate to go travelling but we just can't afford it.

After looking long and hard at my life, what I've decided is that very little needs to change and I just need to be grateful for what I have. The roof over my head, almost adequate money to pay the bills and my gorgeous daughter are more than enough! I'm still running/power walking so am making the changes to my lifestyle and although I have had a couple of glasses of wine generally I've been alcohol free and feeling much better for it.

It would be nice to earn more money but with that comes more stress and responsibility and I don't need the extra money that much. With all this decided there is still something missing and (without telling anyone so shhhhhh!) I've been investigating the possibility of studying Journalism. It was always my ambition as a child to become a journalist and although there probably isn't much hope now I've found the perfect course that I want to do.

By the time I got home yesterday I'd talked myself out of it on the basis that I can't afford it and it's too stressful. When I woke up this morning I was beginning to try and find solutions to financing the course and thinking positively about it. I arrived at work in a good mood because the sun was shining and there was a parcel waiting for me that I'd forgotten I had even ordered.....a lovely sign for my kitchen:

Now if that's not a sign that I should definitely be enrolling on the course then I don't know what is!!!! I can't afford it at the moment but I'm determined to be enrolled on the Diploma in Journalism by the end of the year!

 Wish me luck! I've got a feeling I'm going to need it :-)
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