Friday 7 January 2011

On the Run!

So I've kind of mentioned that I've started running again but there were a few things I'd forgotten about running, since it's been so long!!

1) It hurts!!!! My joints today, after my third run of the week, are stiff to say the least!!

2) Blisters are not cool and are very unattractive but strangely enough as soon as I start to run I forget all about them. Until I've done several miles or stop at least!!

3) Runners are a friendly bunch. I'm a bit of a snail when I run (in fact people walking could overtake me!!) but other runners always nod and smile and make me feel like I'm part of their fit, healthy club.....which I love!!

4) I love the feeling I get. The exhilaration. Whilst I'm running I'm actually smiling and just plodding along thinking about how great life is. I forget whatever it is I'm worrying about and just concentrate on breathing and trying not to get knocked down!!

5) Just being out in the fresh air. I've only had my car back for a couple of weeks and already we are back to not walking anywhere and being stuck in the car so it's fabulous to be out in the open!!

When I was out running yesterday the strangest thing happened. It was about 5.30pm so the only light was from the street lights.I was pounding along the pavement, concentrating on breathing and picking my feet up when the whole world went black. Like pitch black. Not an ounce of light anywhere. I skidded to a complete halt and was just in the process of uttering fu******************k and beginning to freak out when the whole street came back on again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to say that I wasn't a girl about it but I ran all the way home as quickly as my legs would carry me! I'm presuming that it was some kind of very short power cut but it scared the bejesus out of me I tell ya!!! 

This weekend I'm going to have a break from running and try Outdoor swimming instead! My crazy Brother is a member of the SLSC and him and his friends swim at the Lido almost everyday, whatever the weather. He has been threatening to take me there for ages and as we are in London this weekend I figured I'd give it a try. I'm not convinced that I will be brave enough to actually get my whole body in and swim (especially if the snow and sleet continues.....brrrrr!!!) but I figure if nothing else it'll make for a hilarious blog post!!! Watch this space!!!

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