Thursday 30 August 2012

Back to school preparations: Getting the right shoes

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September is just around the corner, and we all know what an expense and hassle it can be to get your kids back to school with everything they need. A lot of schools will have a standard uniform, so getting the clothes they need should be relatively straight forward – but getting the right shoes that fit your child can be trickier. On the one hand you don’t want to spend lots of money as the likelihood is your child will grow out of them very quickly. But on the other hand, you don’t want to buy too cheaply and end up with a child with sore feet. There are a few things you can do to make life easier when searching for new shoes for your child.

If your child doesn’t deal well with shopping, it might be best to go to a retailer who specialise in children’s shoes – and do some research first by picking out some shoes online with your child. Take the list of shoes you’ve found online into the shop and have your child try them on – this is much easier than trailing round the shop trying to find something suitable without knowing what there is available. The benefit of going to a childrenswear retailer is that the staff will be experienced with children being a little difficult, and they will be able to give great advice on the best shoes available.

Get feet measured
Another benefit of visiting a retailer who specialise in children’s shoes is that they can measure your child’s feet. A lot of shops now let you book a fitting appointment, so you’re not waiting round on a busy Saturday afternoon. Getting feet measured is essential when buying new shoes, in order to ensure your child isn’t uncomfortable in their new footwear. Ill fitting shoes worn over a long period of time can actually cause future problems with walking and posture – so getting it right is vital. It’s best to try on shoes in the afternoon as feet swell during the day – so this will ensure the shoes still fit your child comfortably after a busy day.

Styles of shoes
Many different shoe brands for girls and boys will have a variety of styles to choose from.  But for the best support, it’s better to go for shoes that fasten up with laces, Velcro or buckles in comparison to a slip on shoe. Also check the soles of the shoes to make sure they have enough grip for when kids will be running around – this will help prevent them from slipping over. There are many cute shoe styles that your child will be able to wear in and out of school – versatility is important, especially if you’re buying a quality pair of shoes.

These tips might make life easier in the back to school rush that always happens around the beginning of September!
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