Wednesday 29 August 2012

Back to School with Tesco

As I'm sure you know, this blogging lark definitely has it perks. We've been to places and done things that just would never have been possible without this blog but actually what really helps is some of the day to day stuff that we get sent to review.

For the third year in a row we've been lucky enough to be sent a school uniform bundle from the lovely people at Tesco. As I've mentioned before, Chick is a massive fan of shopping for anything school wear and/or stationery! She starts before she has even broken up for Summer by going through the new season school wear and circling everything that she might like before we then come to some agreement about how much money I'll actually spend. Tesco sent us this gorgeous bundle:

I generally buy Chick's uniform from Tesco as not only is it reasonable but everything washes well and if I buy the correct sizes then it tends to last for the whole school year. The only thing that Chick is really hard on is shoes and it doesn't matter where we buy them from she manages to ruin every pair!!

As Chick is quite tall for her age we struggle to find skirts and trousers that fit her in the length and in the waist but this year they've definitely come up trumps with this jersey number:

Tesco also sent us this beautiful coat which I absolutely love and is something that I would definitely spend good money on. It's very heavy and looks and feels much more expensive than it is:

They even sent some bits to keep her amused during the holidays:

I'll keep you posted with a picture of Chick on her first day back at school :-)

A huge thank you to Tesco for sending us another great bundle. 

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