Friday 3 August 2012

The Man's Birthday & Relaxation

Last weekend it was my lovely man's birthday. Originally we had a hot date with Champagne & Afternoon Tea at The Ritz but I didn't want to go to The Ritz with a half shaved head and being (more) unbalanced!! Instead we were very lucky to be offered the use of a friend's cabin. As you probably know from previous posts the cabin is one of my favourite places. It's only about 4 miles away from where we live but it's so relaxing that it feels just like being on holiday:

On Friday night we had a meal at the pub down the road and then came back and watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony, which for the main part was fab!! Saturday we mainly relaxed all day, had afternoon naps, watched the river go by and then 'the man' got the Bar-B-Q going:

As it was his birthday we thought that we'd better celebrate and bought him presents and a Spiderman cake:

For his main present, I'm taking him here for the weekend in September:

Eeeeek! How very exciting and yes I do get brownie points for being an amazing girlfriend ;-) Let's hope this weekend is just as relaxing!

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