Wednesday 15 September 2010

It's only just begun......the Tween years are upon us!!!

Seven is a funny age.

You don’t want to kiss me at the school gates anymore because you are too old! Fortunately you are still young enough for me to force you.  I cherish every kiss.

Holding hands has been banished but occasionally you forget for 10 seconds and let me have a hold!  I’m making the most of every second.

Mentally you think that you are very grown up but emotionally you aren’t quite there yet!  I thank the heavens that you aren’t! Once you do start getting emotional/hormonal I think we may have a few showdowns!!!

You are finding out how horrible girls can be!  Avoid the horrible ones and find some nice ones. Unfortunately this is a lesson that you’ll be reminded of constantly no matter how old you are.  The friends that stick by you make it all worthwhile.

Dancing to Justin Beiber at the school disco makes you happy.  So does playing with all of your babies and dressing them up to ‘drop off’ at nursery in your imaginary games.  I fear that we don’t have long before the Justin Beiber moments outnumber the dolls!

Being without a car this week has been a blessing in disguise as you actually converse with me again.  We will continue walking to and from school even when the car is fixed for this reason alone.

One thing that hasn’t changed since you were old enough to talk is that you still say ‘I love you Mummy’ as I tuck you into bed!  I love you too Chick!
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