Thursday 23 September 2010

Secret Post Club


It's that time of the month again........when I get a lovely parcel from another member of the Secret Post Club set up by the wonderful Heather over at Notes from Lapland made all the more exciting this month by the fact that I opted out in August due to the craziness of our lives!!

I was beginning to panic that it had been lost in the post but when I got home from work yesterday I had a card from the Post Office to say that they were looking after it for I hot footed it there after work today!!  This is what the lovely Antonella from Living Abroad sent me:

A beautiful scarf which will come in very handy over the chilly months to come, a 2011 diary, a hair set for Chick and a book of Yorkshire recipes.  The first one that we are going to try is Parkin.  For those of you who haven't heard of it check out this description!!!

A huge thank you to Antonella xx
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