Friday 17 September 2010

Letters of Intent


Had the week from hell?  Somebody getting on your nerves?  Why not write your own letter of intent and link up with Julie over at Foursons.


Dear man who broke my heart

I’ve been fine for a long time now.

Our friends try not to talk about you when I’m around. In fact, ever since you moved away I’ve been generally able to put you out of my head......until just recently. 

Chick has been asking about you, wondering why you don’t keep in touch and why you don’t come and hang out with us anymore.  As she gets older she sees through the lies and knows it’s about more than just the fact that you don’t live here any longer.

She mentioned recently that she would ask your best friend for your address so that she could write to you.  As if my heart wasn’t broken enough, I have to help Chick deal with being sad about you too.  I told her that I would e-mail you and ask you directly.  That e-mail took me about a week to compose and then I had to get drunk to send it. You duly replied and Chick sent you a picture that she had made for you.  I can almost deal with you staying in touch with Chick as I know that you love her almost as much as I do. I just want to do it at a distance.

I was hoping that would be it but now you want to be ‘friends’ on Facebook.

I’m aware it’s a ridiculous thing to be worrying about but I just don’t think I can do it. I can’t handle you appearing in my news feed.  I don’t want to see how happy you and your girlfriend are.  I’m still ok with avoiding talking about you with our friends.

 I’ve been fine for a long time now but I need to keep it that way.

Love from
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