Wednesday 1 September 2010

The Gallery - A day in August and #Blogladesh

I've been trying to write a version of this post for days now but everytime I sit down to write it, I put it off as too big a job because I just can't find the words!  Those of you that don't read lots of Mummy blogs and aren't on Twitter may not have heard of this project. On Sunday, three British Mummy Bloggers flew out to Bangladesh with 'Save the Children' to witness first hand the amazing work that the charity does out there.

The main aim of the trip is for us Mummy Bloggers to raise as much awareness as possible ahead of the UN Summit in New York at the end of September. We want World Leaders to re-commit to the Millenium Development Goals, which are currently way off target! So what can you do to help?  Pressing the button below would be a great help:

The idea behind this week's picture was for everyone to take a picture on Sunday as a show of support for the Ladies travelling to Bangladesh.  It could be anything and anywhere and was to build a picture of all our lives.  This is Chick just chilling out at home:

Is it my best work? No it isn't!  However, every time I look at Chick this week I'm grateful that she's healthy and fed and well nourished.  She isn't suffering from Malaria or life threatening diarrhoea. Every time I've felt sorry for myself or start worrying about our lack of cash or thinking about how I'm gonna manage when the car fails it's MOT.......I tell myself to be grateful that my daughter isn't going to be one of the 9 Million children that dies from curable diseases this year and that my problems are nothing compared to what these Mothers are going through!

I know that I haven't done justice to this project with my rambling post so please, please, click on one of the links above to find out more.  If you have a Twitter account then please follow @SaveChildrenPR and consider RTing their many amazing Tweets!

You can also watch the bloggers journey on Twitter by following @porridgebrain @mummytips and @nixdminx. Let's all press for change.
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