Tuesday 12 April 2011

Local discoveries and lots of cake!!

When I was young, I hated living in my little one horse town because it was 'boring' and there was nothing to do!!! Now I appear to have consigned my daughter to the same fate but I can also see the plus points of living here. We live in a medium size town no more than 15 miles from three big Cities. In a 5 minute drive you can be deep in the Leicestershire countryside and inside an hour we can be in the Peak District. Most places in the UK can be reached within 3 hours so it has some plus points is what I'm saying!!!

Apart from a few notable gaps I've pretty much always lived in Leicestershire and I like to think I know the Area pretty well.  However I always find it delightful when someone tells you about a hidden gem that you have no idea about. A couple of weeks ago I was in the park and one of my old friends from Mother and Baby group told me about this amazing cupcake shop in the local village of Woodhouse Eaves so of course we had to go and investigate:

Super cute just from the outside right? The inside is even better:

It's just so adorable that I couldn't help taking pictures!!! Also......so much yummy stuff everywhere.....Chick had her eye on one of these......maybe for her birthday:

Whilst I was taking pictures and trying to decide what cakes to buy I was also having a chat with the owners husband and making sure it was ok for me to take pictures. At this point I dropped my phone which bounced once, fell apart and the flew out the door. As I bent down to pick up the pieces I fell over my flip flop and out the door after the phone! Chick slunk away into a corner and tried to disown me whilst I tried to laugh it off but had to buy lots of cakes to hide my embarrassment....whoops!!! The moral of the story is that as soon as you take me somewhere nice I will make an arse of myself!!!!

How do you choose from all these lovelies??? It was a tough choice but in the end we went with plain chocolate with chocolate buttons and marshmallows and also chocolate orange! AMAZING:

The great thing about the chocolate orange is that the flavouring was in the icing and the cakes as well!!! Yum, yum, yum! Now obviously if ever you are in the neighbourhood it would be great for you to visit but if not you can order from their website http://www.kandycupcakes.co.uk/

*I haven't been compensated in any way for writing this....I just love cake :-)

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