Wednesday 6 April 2011

Mothers Day and being grumpy/grateful

You all know that I feel very lucky for the things I have but sometimes I want more. I want to not worry about paying every single bill. I want to be able to buy whatever I like in the weekly shopping without adding it up as I go around to make sure we aren't blowing the budget. I'd like a few more hours in each day to spend with my daughter or to take photos or to just sit and enjoy the sunshine and the flowers! I also want to snap myself out of this ridiculous mood! On Mothers Day I felt like this:

Super attractive....I know ;-) It was a combination of things that started it. All of the above, Chick's attitude, having no plans for Mothers Day. I don't know what was wrong with Chick either but she was the child from hell. She's asked me not to talk about it so all I'll say is that it ended in tears for both of us!! Not the best way to spend Mothers Day it has to be said. Once we had both had a good cry and some time out, we made friends and decided that the day wasn't completely done with and there was still just enough time to salvage it!!

Chick went off and tidied her room with a minimum of nagging, we cooked dinner together and I didn't moan when she dropped it everywhere. I let her have some down time in front of the TV and then we went for a lovely long walk along the canal to blow away the cobwebs:

Somewhere along the way we managed to find our good humour and decided that actually we did quite like each other:

Then we decided that some puddle jumping was in order!!! We may have gotten slightly damp:

The best thing about coming home wet and cold is a nice hot bath and a cup of cocoa!! With things back to normal and Chick finally quiet and in bed, I finally got chance to have a proper look at my Mothers Day present:

And now I'm back to be being grateful for being able to enjoy the small stuff!!!
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