Friday 15 April 2011

My List of 5.....

So the lovely Kate from Kate Takes 5 had a Listography a couple of weeks ago for everyone to discuss their laminated know like the scene in Friends where Ross has removed Isabella Rosellina from his and then meets her in Central Perk so doesn't get to have a 'One Night Stand' with her because she's no longer on the list???  Now normally I wouldn't get involved but after reading about Cass from Frugal Family's terrible taste in men I thought I'd give it a go ;-)

Without a doubt the first on my list for the last 7 years has been the original 'Mr.Big'.....Chris Noth:

Can anyone say yum!!! Not only slick, moody and well dressed but he would also keep me in Manolos!! What more could a girl ask for???

Number 2 probably comes as a surprise after Chris but I do love me a bit of rough so it would have to be Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon!!! Dirty, gorgeous, talented but a nice Southern boy at the same time so you could introduce him to your Mum...... I may have stalked him last year.............

Josh Holloway comes in at number 3 for purely shallow and aesthetic reasons:

How beautiful is this man??? Smother him in chocolate and give me a couple of hours with him and I would die a happy woman!!!

Aaaaaahhhh Mr Jon Bon Jovi!!! I have sadly fancied him since I was 14 and I still wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating biscuits! Hasn't aged that well but for the sake of nostalgia will always make my top 5!!

Now I did toy with the option of keeping number 5 open in case anyone else should pop up into my memory but I decided to go with a choice from left field:

Evangeline Lilly. Wow! She is seriously hot and if I was thinking about turning lesbian, she would be number 1 on my hit list so why not include her???

People that just missed out on a top 5 spot: Channing Tatum, Phillip Glenister, David Beckham, Serge & Tom from Kasabian, Richie Sambora, Jensen Ackles, Jonny Knoxville and Adam Sandler, 

I would be very interested in hearing what your top 5 would be?? ;-)
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