Tuesday 19 April 2011

Tracks of my years

The lovely Jen over at The Madhouse has come a with a great idea of sharing a music track every week on her blog. Part of the reason that I blog is so that when Chick is a teenager (and hates me) she can look back at my little old blog and see that I tried my best with everything that I had. I figure it will also be nice if she can see a little bit of what makes me tick!   I probably won't join in every week but it's kind of cool and as I have quite eclectic taste in music hopefully there will be something for everyone. 

My first track is mine and Chick's Dad song. It isn't romantic but it sums up exactly what we were like at the time and reminds me of one night when we were both head banging to it and dancing around like lunatics:

Feel free to link up if you have a song or a memory that you would like to share :-)

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