Thursday 11 August 2011

Five Minute Writing Workshop

*This is my weekly writing whatever is in your head for 5 minutes post...

I need to sleep. I'm not just tired but absolutely bone weary.

I've been almost daydreaming about sleeping whilst trying to work.

I feel that if you gave me a pillow and a big enough space to lay down that I could probably fall asleep on any kind of surface......grass, carpet, asphalt, the couch, maybe even the washing line!!

There couldn't be a better feeling in the world for me this week than the one you get when you are sooooo tired and then finally crawl into bed.  You know the one when you get to lay your head on the pillow and close your eyes and you almost want to groan out loud just because it's feels so fabulous....that has been the highlight of my week.

Followed closely by the smug satisfied feeling that you get when you are falling asleep, but are still awake enough to know that you are drifting off, and giving yourself a smug smile in your head because you made it through another day without having a nervous breakdown!


I would definitely recommend that you try this whether you have a blog or not. Five minutes of writing without thinking, no judgment, no topic prompts, just anything that falls out of your head.....I'm actually finding it extremely therapeutic.....leave me a comment if you publish yours and I'll make sure to pop over and read it :-)

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