Monday 8 August 2011

London Riots

As we've been on holiday for the last week I managed to miss the start of the trouble and riots in London. Tonight I've managed to sit down for the first time on Twitter and to watch the news at the same time and my brain is split 50/50 between thinking WTF and worrying about my brother and sister-in-law who are really close to the trouble.

The two questions that seem to be asked the most on Twitter are 1) where are the police?

Would they be the same police who have suffered massive cuts, no longer get overtime and have generally been treated badly? I'll tell you where they are....I imagine they are at home thinking that David Cameron is getting his just desserts and that instead of sunning himself on an Italian beach he should have come home yesterday at least!! How much does he get paid to run the Country? Well actually £142,500....surely enough to afford another holiday???

2) Why aren't they sending the Army in?

See number one!!! The same Army that are losing all of their staff? That even in good times didn't have the kit they needed unless they bought it themselves? The same army who are fighting wars all over the world, who are stretched beyond belief and are completing tour upon tour because too many are being made redundant??? I imagine that they have NO spare Army to be able to send to London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems to be such a small minority but then watching the news it's spreading to Birmingham which is less than an hour from me. I know that people are poor, bored, frustrated but you know what? Too many people in the UK think that they are owed something. You only get what you earn and work for. Benefits are supposed to be a safety net yet all too often you hear of families where no-one works. I work and am still poor. Yes, I'm unhappy at they way the Country is being run but I would NEVER riot, loot or steal. I don't feel that I'm owed anything by anyone and I hope that my daughter doesn't grow up with this attitude.

Now I'm left wondering where it will all end?

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