Tuesday 9 August 2011

Lollibop Festival - The Big Bash for Little People part 2

As you know on Sunday we were lucky enough to receive a family pass to attend:

We bumped into these quiet (???!!!) bloggers ;-) :

These are my cool festival-going girlies hanging out in front of the main stage:

They made a new friend:

Or two:

The Punk had a boogie with the Baby Loves Disco crew:

The girls also made this:

My favourite place to shelter from the rain was the press tent not only because they were lovely but also because they fed me beer and french fancies...yum!!!:

The highlight of the day for all of us was watching the Horrible Histories show.....the sound quality isn't great but the show was awesomely amazing and completely horrid!!!!

Towards the end of the afternoon the rain simply washed us out of the park! Chick and I were soaked to the the bone and the Punk wasn't too cheerful either:

All in all a fabulous day :-)
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