Sunday 23 October 2011

Half Term Fun

- Please ignore the shoddy camera work in this camera died and I'm having to make do with my phone! :'-(  Am hoping that Santa will bring me a new one!! 

The end of half term week found us at my Mum's in Norfolk. We decided to have a change of scenery and do something fun and so my Mum and Chick thought that bowling would be a nice idea.  I haven't been bowling for many years but was up for having a go. It's amusing just how competitive we are as a family......although not sure why my Mum and I bother as it turns out that we are absolutely terrible bowlers and needless to say we both lost!!! 

I love watching the family together, my Mum and Chick are like two peas in a pod and it blows my mind to see just how alike they are. Throw in some sexy bowling shoes, lots if whooping and high fiving and my heart just soars:

We were so loud that we scared everyone else away and pretty much had the place to ourselves.......even better for victory dances when getting a strike!! I was also tempted to steal the sexy shoes, probably some of the comfiest shoes I've ever worn!!!

Later that evening, a family decision was taken to not go to the pub (our usual habit on a Friday night!!) but to grab some fish and chips on the sea front and then to stay home and just hang out together. Mum, Chick and I all got into bed together, ate biscuits and sang along very badly with The Sound of Music:

It may not sound like a very Rock 'n' Roll Friday night but we had such a giggle. Try singing along in your loudest voice to this and see if it makes you smile......................

Yesterday we came back to attend the wedding of my oldest friend Mandi. She looked absolutely stunning (to be honest you could put her in a paper bag and she'd look amazing!!) and we had a lovely night. I may be regretting the last few Jack Daniels today but it was lovely to see her so happy.....and dancing like a loon:

What a lovely end to a fabulous week :-)
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