Thursday 13 October 2011

Internet Dating..........Part 2.5

So last Wednesday I wrote a post about Internet Dating knocking the whole dating thing and saying it was a waste of time and that I was only being contacted by idiots. Literally as soon as I hit publish, fate decided to give me a massive elbow in the side and showed my profile to a lovely man who then got in touch with me.

We haven't stopped talking ever since and have been on a fab date where he wasn’t odd, naked, dwarf like, still didn’t ask my bra size, was an absolute gentleman and wasn’t weird in any way. Guess what....he can even spell ;-) I’m seeing him again tomorrow night…. I know shock, horror that I wasn’t crazy enough on the first date to put him off…..

The thing is though that I seem to have turned in to a schizophrenic, needy woman who doesn’t have a sodding clue what she wants (again, a surprise, I’m sure!)!!! If he texts me too often then I wonder why he doesn’t have anything better to do and if he doesn’t text me often enough then I wonder what the hell he’s up to.....even though I know he’s generally at work and erm......well working!

It’s been so long since that I was in a relationship that I feel completely winded. The best way I can describe (even though it’s cheesy) is that it’s like being on a rollercoaster. One minute I’m all ‘Wooooooo, someone likes me even though I’m crazy and hard work’ and then 10 minutes later I’m all ‘God, I don’t do relationships, what am I thinking? How can he like me??’!!! Then I go back to grinning inanely because he’s sent me a text.........for at least 20 minutes until I’m on a downward spiral again.

Soooo the point of this rambling was to say ‘Wooooooo, someone likes me even though I’m crazy and hard work’......Now if you could keep it to yourselves and not tell me BFF that she was right about this internet dating thing, I’d much appreciate it :-)  
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