Tuesday 4 May 2010

Election Edition Part 3 - Labour (Kind of!!!)

Tomorrow I'll do a round-up of my thoughts and then I promise I'll try not to talk Politics again for a while as I know I'm boring some of you!!! I've been trying to get in touch with our local Labour MP Andy Reed since last week via e-mail and staking out his office!!  I managed to get to talk to one of his Assistants today but they still haven't gotten back to me!

Then low and behold tonight I get a generic group e-mail, so I'm going to post the contents of the e-mail here in place of a proper interview!!!  (I have asked for permission to republish it but seeing as they still aren't replying I'll post it and see how we go especially as they are using my e-mail for canvassing purposes when I only wanted an interview!!!)

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In this constituency you will be deciding who represents us as our Member of Parliament for the next 5 years. It is a 2 horse race, with the Liberals in a distant third place.  There is only one choice if you don’t want a Tory government. Vote for Andy Reed or we wake up on Friday with a Tory MP for the town - only visiting the Town to get her ticket into Westminster politics. 

He says:   "I know some people might be disappointed with some aspects of what Labour has done in the last 13 years. It would be unnatural if there were not some issues where there are differences of opinion. I have felt the same and that is why I resigned over Iraq and have voted against my government at crucial times – over Student Tuition fees, Trident and even the Digital Economy Bill – on the last day in Parliament!. With me you get a strong independent voice willing to speak his mind and to put the Town first.

"But I also know people are proud of the national minimum wage, the winter fuel allowance and free bus travel for pensioners. I know they are proud of the leadership we have shown on global poverty and tackling climate change. I know people recognise the reduction in waiting times and better hospitals. I know they see the difference in school investment – when there were class sizes of 40, outside toilets and leaking roofs in our schools under the Tories. People know the Tories would take us back to the bad old days and take away much of the progress we have made.

"So whilst some will feel they can afford to flirt with the idea of voting Lib Dem in this election -remember in this Town the consequence of such a vote is to get  a Right Wing Tory MP – instead of a progressive champion for the town. The Lib Dems would have to be on about 60% in the national polls to come close here – but a small increase in their vote at the expense of Labour will simply give us a Tory MP.

If we do have a hung parliament on Friday - which looks very likely - who do you want fighting our corner in Westminster? That is the choice..

We know times are tough at the moment. Dealing with the global recession caused by the international collapse of the banking sector has sent shockwaves around the world. Greece for example is nearing collapse. Government is as much about how you deal with the crisis and bad times as about the good times. Labour led the way to putting in place a plan for recovery accepted around the world. History will show we staved of a deep depression by taking the tough decisions to invest in our economy to keep it on course to recovery rather than risk deep cuts and taking us back into a deep recession.

We have a strong and diverse local economy which we’ve worked hard to develop. Despite the current world recession unemployment in this Town remains at under 3%. If we had followed the Tory policies for the recession economists agree we would now have 5 million unemployed and twice as many companies closing down. We only have to look back at previous Tory recessions to see they thought ‘unemployment was a price worth paying.

A vibrant economy locally means a good shopping centre and leisure opportunities, but these things don't appear by accident and I will continue to work hard for local businesses and ensure we get the best, from our world class university.

There are so many issues I have been working with the local community – far too many to mention. But it is worth highlighting the rebuilding of our schools through Labour’s Building Schools for the Future Programme. The Tory County Council made a hash of putting forward its bid to government and failed to get support from local parents for its controversial plans to close an ‘Outstanding’ school in the Area. Andy will work to make sure Tory Leicestershire consults properly with schools, parents and governors and puts forward amended plans to the government for the £80m cash on offer.

I know it's not as good as an interview and I'm kind of taking the lazy route by re-posting something that was sent to me but I wasn't sure how else I could put across the Labour side to make my arguments balanced!  So yet again it's over to you!  Have you decided who you are going to put the cross next too and vote for.  have I persuaded you to go out and vote or are you ignoring my politics blogs (cheating or otherwise!!!) Have you completely turned off the TV and news until Thursdays voting is out of the way?  Are you more interested in who to vote for in the MADS?  Let me know via the comments or e-mail!!!


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