Monday 31 May 2010

Dappers Review

When I was offered the chance to review ‘Dappers’ a new pilot show for BBC Three before it hits the airwaves I jumped at the chance because: 

1) Getting to see new TV before everyone else is kinda cool

2)  It features Tom Ellis who is hot, hot,hot!!!

Y’all know I’m that shallow right??? Anyways Dappers (a Bristolian word for Friends!!) is written by Catherine Johnson who also wrote Mamma Mia.  Apart from the delightful Tom it also stars Lenora Crichlow, Eddie Large and Gwen Taylor.

It’s a Comedy/Drama based on Faye and Ashley two Single Mums from Bristol who live in Housing Association accommodation (unlike any that I’ve ever’s a bit posh!!), who both have daughters and are trying to make life better for all of them. To do this they come up with all sort of hare-brained schemes such as starting ‘Woofitys’ a dog sitting service for Bristols more well off residents!!

I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like it or not as BBC Three programmes can be slightly off the wall and wacky but it was pretty good.  It didn’t make me laugh out loud but I found myself smirking quite a lot as it’s so true to life.  Although I’m reluctant to make the comparison it does have similarities to Gavin and Stacy which I’m sure we’d all agree is quite brilliant!

The characters were likeable and well acted but the funniest turns happen when they get into altercations with their posh neighbours, I’m sure we all know people that are as annoying as them!  Gwen Taylor is fab as a crazy old woman who lives in the basement with Eddie Large as her husband! It’s definitely worth tuning in to but will only be made into a complete series if the pilot episode takes off.  I hope that it does as I was left wanting more!

You can catch some clips of the show over on their Facebook page.

*Dappers is live on BBC 3 from Friday, 4th June and is also available online!!!  Go watch it!!!


  1. I may have to take a little look at this one.Eddie Large is a legend, takes me back many many moons, watching him in various shows over the years.

    the Organ Grinder

  2. I love BBC 3 comedies so I'll be checking this one out.

  3. If you're shallow then I am too.....he's MEGA hot!!! I think now you've reviewed it you should most definitely be invited to some actual screening where he will be and you can take me along too ;o) Let us know when the pilot airs and i'll give it a watch too!!!! xxxloving your workxxx

  4. E., when is it due to air?

  5. @Sara.....You surely do ;-)

    @Organ Grinder....He is quite amusing and you're verrrrry old xxx

    @Nelly.....It was pretty cool! Can you watch it online in Oz???

  6. @Boobuloo.....I know right!!! I did say to the Production Company that if they needed someone to interview him in the flesh they can just give me a shout!!! xx

    @Smitten....erm, I'm not sure hun! Think it will depend on if it's made into a complete series or not but will try and find out for you! Can you watch it online? x

  7. I'll download the first episode-easy enough

  8. Loving Dappers - made me laugh - but hey, all you single Mum's out there - it's hard work - but worth it!

  9. @Anonymous....Glad that you enjoyed it! It is so totally worth it!