Sunday 30 May 2010

Twitter & Eurovision

I appear to have turned into a bit of a Twitter addict.  I originally opened my Twitter account just because all the other Bloggers had one and I felt that I needed to as well but I never really got it!  As I’ve added more friends and other bloggers have found me, it appears to have taken on a life of its own.  It’s getting to the point now though where I actually have to ration the amount of time that I spend on Twitter or else I get nothing done.

Some nights I have no interest in talking and am more of a voyeur, just hanging around seeing what everyone else is thinking.  I may post the link to a new post or have a quick chat to people who have become real friends or rant about something and leave it there. 

The time that Twitter really comes into its own though is when something ‘big’ is happening be it a popular TV show or the Election!  One of the hard things about living on my own is that I have no-one to share my thoughts with when this stuff is going on. In days gone by this would’ve resulted in much shouting at the TV! Now I rant on Twitter and get to see what all my friends are ranting talking about too!!   It’s like having all my friends (and some verrry amusing Strangers) here in the Lounge with me!

Last night was the Eurovision song contest! For those of you that don’t know, it’s a Europe wide singing competition that is soooooo over the top, camp and outrageously bad that it isn’t even funny!  The voting is always political and so all the Balkan countries stick together as do all the Russian countries. Everybody hates England and so even if our song is great (which it generally isn’t!!) We get a lot of ‘Nil Points’!!!  I remember as a kid being allowed to stay up late and watch the scoring.....maybe that’s why I’m so traumatised by it! 

Several of my friends however absolutely love it  *ahem* Boobuloo and Nelly *ahem*  and even throw Eurovision parties!  I cannot stand it and spent the night watching DVD’s and being thoroughly amused by the running commentary on Twitter, putting in my own views and giggling rather a lot.  My vote for next year’s English entry goes to Boobuloo who spent the night watching Eurovision dressed like this:

I’m off to tweet Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Pete Waterman to see if they’ll write her a song!!!!!


  1. Boobuloo-douze points for commitment!!

    I'm thoroughly loving the Eurovision (which is a day late here in Australia).I love how awful the UK song is yet again-so much so that I thought my ears were bleeding afterwards!! And how some really awful people got through the semi-final (Russia, Israel and Armenia!).
    The outfits just are not good enough this year though! They are not that bad and that is so wrong. They should be really tacky and ugly!
    I love Milan from Serbia for his cool haircut and that German chick with the wierd half-cockney-half foreign accented voice. But I wish the cuckoo clock from Nederlands had got through, "Sha-la-lie, Sha-la-la".

    Can I just say "OPA!"

  2. Well, if it's all the same I'll pass on the Pete Waterman offer....seeing as he only got us 10 points which put us into a very unimpressive last place!! I can't believe you don't like Eurovision, it's the most hilarious night on love love it xxx

  3. @Nelly.....It makes my ears and eyes bleed!!! I only ever suffer it when you are in the Country and make me watch it!!!

    @Boobuloo....I loved your outfit though ;-)

  4. Emma, welcome to the club of Twitter addicts!

  5. @Smitten by Britain...Thanks hun!!! I'm sure I could find a million more productive things to do with my time though!!!