Tuesday 11 May 2010

I got love for you if you were born in the 80's, the 80's......

I was watching a programme last night called 'The Grumpy Guide to the 80's' which took me right back to being a little kid, so I thought I'd share my childhood with you!!  The thing that I remember being most annoying about the 80's (apart from my Brothers ;-) was one of these:

The lowly, humble and entirely stupid, rubix cube!  I still, to this day, am unable to complete the bloody thing! When I was young I resorted to removing the stickers to make it look completed....I've always been sensible!

I started off the 80's looking like this:

My Mum used to drive us around in one of these bad boys:


Yep, we were a cool, Rock 'n' Roll family!!!  When we had this car, I remember it was around the time that Mum and Dad managed to buy their first house.....It was brand new and on a lovely estate.  Wanna guess how much it cost?  £26,000!!!!  I can't even buy my beach hut in Norfolk for that money these days!!!

One of the first films that I saw at the Cinema was this:


I cried all the way home on the bus because ET had gone home and I thought that it was the saddest thing I'd ever seen!  

We were also probably amongst the luckiest kids in the world in the 80's as our Dad worked for Mattel and we were verrrrrry spoiled with toys, mainly as they didn't have to pay for anything!!  One of my faves was Poochie:


I had every item in the whole range and adored it.  I also had a love heart Barbie that I didn't play with because it was just so special and sadly enough they have one in the history section of the Science Museum!!! My brother had a He-Man Castle Grayskull that you could talk into!!!  For those of you that don't remember the 80's, this was cutting edge technology:

The other great thing about the 80's of course was the music.  This is the first album I bought with my own money:

Madonna's True Blue and I still know all the words as I listened to it sooooo much!!  Towards the end of the decade I thought these boys were just Gods:

Thank goodness that my taste in men has changed!  (Actually, not sure it's changed for the better!!) I had the Bros t-shirt and belt buckle and Grolsch bottle tops on my shoes....extremely attractive I was!! I know it's not the best picture but this is me at Christmas in my stone-washed denim, Bros t-shirt and neckerchief:

Really attractive?!!  I ended the 80's looking like this:

The 80's is definitely one of my favourite Decades so far!!  So what about you?  Want to share any memories or pictures from the 80's or 70's or 90's?  What's you favourite so far and why???


  1. This made me giggle! I'm an 80's child, had a Rubix cube (same as you, could never and still can't, do it!) and I was going to marry Bros, it didn't matter which one! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Great post!! i had a poochie :) do you remember fluppy dogs?

    Madonna was my first album, i had them all used to write down all the words to the songs LOL


  3. @Sian.....I could've only married one of the blonde ones from Bros ;-) You are welcome for the memories!!

    @dear dull diary....Sooo much in common, we need to get together with a few glasses of Pinot!!! x

  4. lol! I always remember you in your Bros t-shirt, bottle top shoes and jeans whenever I think of us in the 80's!
    I remember New Kids on The Block and Jason Donavan fighting for space on my wall!
    I remember being able to go off for the day with my sister having adventures in the fields and no-one being paranoid about us being kidnapped!
    I remember my Fisher Price Farm House and little people!
    Love Aunty Nelly xxxx

  5. @Nelly....part of the reason I love the 80's so much is 'cos I met you then! Please don't tell anyone else about the Bros thing...remember I have many, many secrets you don't want me to share!!!! I love you xxx

  6. Your dad worked for Mattel?? That must have been heaven for a kiddo!

  7. How funny is it that we both wrote 80's-themed posts? I love it!

    I loved my rubik's cube. No, I couldn't solve it the "correct" way. I did know how to take off all the pieces and put them back together and voila! It was solved! Somehow I never could quite figure out why the pieces got really loose after that though. LOL

    I think we might have been separated at birth. BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!

  8. Being that slightly bit older than you,the 80's were when those things called girls came into my life,along with drinking and things we dont want to talk about.But I feel really rounded in more ways than one now thanks to my experiences then to be able to talk to my kids about growing up. I loved the 80s, in fact I think I have reverted back there some of the time.I really do believe that I am 18, however the body tells me otherwise. As for Bros,please, Madonna was the girl for me, I can still see the posters.Thanks for the reminder of how old I actually am.

    The Organ Grinder.

  9. @Kristin....It was amazing!!!

    @Uthostage...Totally seperated at birth! Great minds obviously think alike ;-)

    @Organ Grinder...I wouldn't have had you down as the type that goes for skinny blondes???? You don't look a day over 50 ;-)

  10. That was SO. FLIPPING.AWESOME. thank you for the trip back to my awesome 80's!

  11. @Sara.....you are welcome honey!!!

  12. Hi this was a hoot - I just watched the Heston Blumenthal 80's theme cookery night - it was hilarious ! I know the fashion was ghastly and the phones ginormous and this might be down to my rose coloured spectacles but I thought it was a far more optimistic time, more forward looking than now. I worry about the cynicism I see everywhere. I want my children to feel that anything is possible I did feel like that back then. Hilarious thanks xx

  13. Let's hear it for the 80's kids!! I remember watching under the umbrella tree, fragile rock, and the smurfs. I can't forget the big hair and socks, either. And Roger Rabbit was a huge deal ;)

    I wish my brain was working well enough to remember the best stuff like the music and other fun things!

    You are so brave to post a picture!!

  14. @Belgravia Wife.........I agree with the cynicism! I wanted to be a yuppy when I grew up ;-)

    Melissa.....I had big hair (still do in fact!!) and my brothers used to wear odd luminous socks...good times!!!!

  15. Ah the 80s...you've made me feel all reminiscent!

  16. Emma, this post made me smile. I've been singing a mum-remixed version Calvin Harris 'born in the noughties, the noughties' to my kids all week too...

    I completely with you on Bros=love gods. My parents had a pub so I supplied many friends with Grolsch tops for our DMs for a small fee...I was a budding Junior Apprentice-esqe entrepreneur who also sold Flying Saucers, Hollywood Chewing Gum and Flumps at school in the 80s.

    Best thing about the 80s was having a cool older sister who could cut my hair. I had a daringly on-trend haircut that was actually a combination of 3 styles:

    1. Spiky and fluffy on top
    2. Cut to sharp points around my ears
    3. Nape of the neck length bob

    I have a photo that only extremely close friends have ever seen. 'That Haircut' plus MC Hammer pants and a rolled up sleeved white bomber jacket. So bad it's goooood!