Monday 24 May 2010


I occasionally forget that Chick is a sensitive soul who needs looking after.  I don't mean like in a clothing, feeding, doing homework kind of way because of course I do these things without even thinking about it but sometimes, especially when things are crazy in my life, I forget that I'm dragging Chick along for the ride too and she doesn't really have a say in it.

I forget that she gets tired and grumpy too and staying somewhere different every night for a week bothers her.  I don't know why I forget this stuff but maybe I get too wrapped up in what's happening for me and presume that because she's a child she'll be ok but she seems to be a little out of sorts.  Maybe she's also fed up with the house taking soooooo long too and wants her own bedroom back!

She worries about really crazy things like us getting into trouble for double parking outside school (yep, I'm that parent....feel free to curse me!!!), she worries about me and her Dad in general, if she sees anybody hurting or in trouble even on the TV she talks around in circles about it until I can convince her it will all be ok.  I don't want her to be worrying about anything at her age, apart from maybe what she'll have for lunch, but I don't know how to stop it.  Is it something that I've done as she's grown up that makes her worry or was she born a sensitive soul?  Guess I'll never know about that ;-)

We had a fairly quiet weekend though which I think she needed and she spent a lot of Saturday just playing with her toys whilst I tried to bring some order to the house. Amazingly the weather was so hot it was like being abroad.....pretty cool (or hot!!) for England.

On Sunday we had The Punk over for the day and went swimming and to the park with a quick stop at the museum.  As we came out of the Museum Chick came running after me and tripped over her flip flops and flew across the tarmac with horrible consequences!  She has scraped all the skin off her knees and elbows and has torn the skin off two fingers as well!!!  My poor, poor girl looks like she had quite a wouldn't believe that falling over at speed would be quite so bad!  She is struggling to bend her knees and although she seems a bit better today she has indeed been milking it for all it's worth and is currently shouting downstairs for a damp cloth for her forehead so I'd better go do my Florence Nightingale duties!!!  Let's hope that she soon recovers and things settle down this week so she can get back to my beautiful happy girl!


  1. Bless her heart....

    You know, J is very much that way. I think being an only child makes them feel like they are big, because they only speak with adults. It's hard to remind them that they are, indeed, still children.

    Hugging you...

  2. Poor little munchkin. I hope she's on the mend soon!

  3. Bless the gorgeous one, hope she soon heals.As for sensitive and stuff,my son is very very sensitive, he hates it when his niece hurts(even though most of the time doesnt get on with her),hates it when anyone cries, so i really do believe it is is the makeup of the person.Its really not a bad thing, shows that they are human and aware of other peoples feelings.

    The Organ Grinder

  4. My poor baby, she's not having a good week is she?!
    Love Aunty Nelly xxxx

  5. Thank you for all your kind wishes and love....I'm happy to report that Chick is feeling much better today and has some movement back in her elbow!!!

  6. Ah bless her! I guess most kids like routine and order and when you're renovating your house, those are the first things to go!