Wednesday 5 May 2010

Election Summary!!

As promised today is the summary of all the Election stuff, what with it being the ‘big day’ tomorrow and then I shan’t mention the Politics word again for several weeks!!

So, what did I learn during the transcribing of the tapes? I say Okie Dokie and giggle a lot but actually sound much posher and much more English than I thought! I also start every sentence with ‘So’ or ‘What’! Must try and increase my vocabulary so that I don’t sound like such a dumbass! It takes forrrr-evvvvvver to transcribe 45 minute interviews and even though I only did two, I felt like I hadn’t slept for a whole week!!

I could do with listening more and really wished that I had pinned each of them down on a couple of issues. I tried to edit as much of me out of the interviews as possible and they were much more interactive than they sounded but I thought that this would initially be the fairest way. This post is my honest opinion on them all!!!

I was less impressed with the Lib Dems than I first thought I would be, as I felt there was a lot of waffle there. Can they lead the Country? I’m honestly not sure! Do I want to be European? No, I don’t think I do. Do the sums add up? Some do and some don’t. Will I vote for them? Maybe but only really to force a change.

Much to my surprise I was extremely impressed with the Conservatives. I felt that Nicky answered the questions rather than avoiding any issues and was very forthcoming on the less pleasant things that she knows people won’t like. Is it enough to make me vote the Conservatives into government? Probably not! I still remember the days under Maggie and even though I was young I just don’t think I can bring myself to tick the Conservative box.

I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to speak to my local Labour MP as I had some really tough questions for him!! I tried everything but apart from the e-mail I posted yesterday have heard nothing in response. So the question is will I vote Labour? I don’t know this either. They’ve got us into such a sodding mess, how can we trust them to get us out of it? Are they any better than the other parties? Do they just need a new Leader to take poor old Gordon’s place? Probably but I sure as hell don’t want to end up with Harriet Harman or Ed Balls!!!

The BNP did contact me but they were unable to meet with me before the election which was kind of pointless for the purposes of this exercise!! I would never in a million years vote BNP but it would’ve been interesting to find out why he joined the party and what they have against non-whites!

I also had a reply from the Monster Raving Loony Party but (as much fun as it would’ve been!!) decided not to follow it up as there is no candidate in my Area to vote for!!! The only other parties that I didn’t hear back from were UKIP and the Green Party both of whom I would’ve been interested to talk too!

I guess reading this back I have two choices tomorrow the Lib Dems or Labour. I think I’ll be doing eeny-meeny-miny-mo on the way to the polls to decide!!


  1. Firstly,well done miss on having the balls to do something like this. I am a bit annoyed at a couple of party's for not getting back to you.

    Getting out of Europe is the only way forward in my view, to do this UKIP is really the only party to vote for.
    By leaving the EEC we would save billions of our hard earned pounds going to other people and countries in the common market. Our farmers would be better off as well as all the fishermen around our shores.
    We can be self suffucient in this country, by still trading with other European countries as well as Asia and America as we currently do.
    So the Organ Grinder will be voting UKIP.

  2. i voted labour.......yes i dont agree with some of the stuff but its comes down to better the devil you know than the unknown and untrusted.....the torys just make me want to be sick and the smary leader..come on someone who needs to have their picture airbrushed to try to get more voters is just vain

    i think labour need a new leader maybe david miliband.....he reminds me of someone at work who is highly rated guy also

  3. @Ghost....I agree with you about the Tories...still not convinced that Labour can get us out of this bloody great hole they've dug us into though!! Great to see you back....haven't spoken to you in forever xxx

  4. Grandma Sharon7 May 2010 at 21:18

    so do you know the results of your election yet? You have to let us know (or maybe you did & I'm just way behind in my reading!!)

  5. @Grandma Sharon....We don't know yet! It's gone to a hung Parliament so we need to wait and see who the Lib Dems form a Coalition with!!