Monday, 21 June 2010

I lost my mojo, visited some tourist attractions and re-discovered my Bon Jovi love! Oh yeah and it's my birthday!!!!!!

Aahh my poor abandoned readers, I apologise for my absence.  Did you miss me??  It's appears that for a while there I lost my blogging mojo, I'm not sure if it's returned for good but I'm writing today at least!  I also am not sure what to blame it on....Laziness maybe, the blankness in my head or just good old fashioned life getting in the way!!!  Anyways whilst I haven't been blogging I've been doing the following:

Getting frustrated by drivers in Derbyshire.  Obviously not my fault that I waited until deadline day which happened to be a sunny Saturday when the Tourists were out in force.  Also wanting to run cyclists over.....all day I was chanting to myself........ 'they are the devils work but are not to be used for target practice'!!!!  Aaaarrrggghhhh even more annoying when you are on a very narrow road and they are taking up all the room! I was in Derbyshire taking pictures for a new column that I'm working on:

This is the beautiful and amazing Chatsworth House.  I also found myself on a little side trip to Sherwood Forest which I'm writing a completely unrelated article about.  Imagine my fury after the Derbyshire drivers/cyclists when I discovered that apparently Nottinghamshire thinks Tourists don't need signposts!!!!  I could see that I was in the Forest (big trees surrounding me and all that!!) but I wanted to be in a specific place. The woman at the desk was most helpful and suggested that I should've left the motorway at a different junction where there were signposts!!!  My article strangely enough may reflect a little teeny bit of my anger!!!  I did however get to see a 1,000 year old oak tree which was kinda cool:

I also found myself back in London to watch the awesome and mighty fine Bon Jovi!  Our seats this time though were only 5 rows back from the side of the stage which was amazing!  Jon was almost close enough to touch.  Richie Sambora (who some of you may know as my future husband!!) was unfortunately on the other side of the stage so he didn't get to see me or my wonderful t-shirt (on it's second outing in just over a week!):

When we got to London, I got the camera out to take some cheesy 'woo hoo....look at me at Bon Jovi again' pictures and I realised that my memory card was still in my laptop (3 hours away at home!!) so I made El take lots of pictures.  This is how close we were:

Sadly, Richie was just out of reach:

Tomorrow I won't be posting as it's a very sad day for me.  I going to be this old:

So will mainly be crying into my beer and wondering how the hell I got to be 34 when actually in my head I'm only 26!!!!! I may enjoy a present or two though and I'm sending lots of happy thoughts to the Birthday Fairy letting her know that tickets for the Bon Jovi finale show on Saturday would be one of the most fabulous things ever ;-)

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