Wednesday 23 June 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

It's official....I am now old.  I will only admit to it on this one day and ever after shall remain at 29!!!!! This month there is no Secret Post Club as the lovely Heather has been on holiday. In lieu of this and the fact that I'm a complete lay ass (who is busy watching a never ending Wimbledon match) I thought I'd share some of my Birthday presents instead!!!

As the world and his wife knows by now I had some amazing Bon Jovi tickets and I promise not to torture you all with more pictures.  I also had these arrive at work yesterday:

Sooooo beautiful and only just able to fit them into the frame of the camera! Surprisingly most of my cards were pictures of shoes or alcohol seems my friends know me well!  One of the most apt cards was from Nelly:

Although I do like to think that I'm not quite that scary looking!!!  Today I got home from work and I had a lovely note saying that my neighbour had taken a parcel in for me which was also from Nelly and look at the goodies that were inside it:

Very excited to start reading and also to explore my Writer's Toolbox in detail.  I also got to have a little party with Sarah and El and the girls.  They bought me tickets to see Comedian Ross Noble and baked me a cake!!!


  1. 34 is a wonderful age when you're surrounded by a loving family and friends...many, many more...come visit when you can...

    Twitter SolarChief

  2. You are only getting more beautiful with age Emma. You are so full of life, I wish I had your energy! Hope that you had a wonderful, and Happy Birthday?

  3. I'm staying 33 forever-I don't think I could get away with 29!!

  4. That is the best cared EVER! And 34 is the new 24 baby!

  5. Grandma Sharon25 June 2010 at 03:58

    If Chick's Christmas present causes your birthday parcel not to arrive - again - I'm gonna be very upset with all the Posts - US, Aus & UK!! I think it must be jinxed.

  6. @Sharlene.....It hasn't been all bad so far! Thank you for the reminder to be grateful!

    @John....Aww thanks hun, you are so kind x

    @Nelly.....Man, you are old ;-)

    @Kristin.....I know! Nelly did well!!!

    @Mom......It came!!!! Yay!!!!Thank you so much. Love you xxx