Tuesday 1 June 2010

Don't tell anyone but I baked......kinda!!!!

As most of you know I use the kitchen mainly for storage and cook as rarely as I can possibly get away with!! However, after some bitching and moaning about my lack of cooking skills from various people that I love, Chick decided that we had to christen the kitchen and seeing as it was her idea she got to do all the work:

She obviously is working really hard here, huh?

She reckons this is the best part about baking!!  This is our effort at icing the cupcakes:

I'm not entirely sure what went wrong with the icing but suffice to say not only did it not hold its self up it was a complete drippy mess and my trying to improve it only made it much, much more disgusting!!!!  In the end though we improvised and ended up with something looking like this:

This is a proud Chick holding her plate of amazingness:

We might not be able to cook for toffee but she's gorgeous and how fab does our new kitchen look?????  The cooking activity in the Brooks household for 2010 is now complete!!!!


  1. Damn and I was going to invite myself over for a seven-course dinner party - have I got to wait until 2011?

  2. The kitchen looks great, very much like the yummy cakes.I am very very impressed at the baking bit.

    The Organ Grinder.

  3. @Muummmmeee....You can come over on the pretence of 7 courses and then I'll ply you with wine until you agree take out is a good idea ;-)

    @Organ Grinder...They look lovely but they were actually bloody horrible!!!!

  4. Hey, I have a pic of Chick baking cupcakes when she was but a wee one! About 4 maybe? So cute!
    Glad to see her cupcakes have not got much better over the years!

  5. Yummy - both the treats and the kitchen. Well done!

  6. Your new kitchen looks grrrrrrrreat! And I'm sure the cupcakes tasted delish!