Sunday 27 June 2010

The World Cup and Football from a woman's viewpoint!!!!

OMG!  Where to begin?  Maybe I’ll just go for being hated and put it out there straight away that the England Team were unbelievably sh*t!  If you disagree that’s fine, but are you being honest with yourself?

I’m an England fan through and through but there is no excuse for the way that we played.  Ok so we played 38 games in the premiership alone.  I don’t give a damn that the Germans played 4 games less.  We were rubbish. My ‘professional’ opinion is that Capello needs sacking and we need to put Beckham in charge.  He had more passion than the rest of the Team put together and he also needs to teach the rest of the Team the National Anthem.  How disrespectful to be so eager to play for your Country and then be silent when it’s time to sing it loud. (BTW this goes for all the Teams.....come along the USA even I know your National Anthem!!!)

With that out of the way the problem that I’d like to address is men’s attitude to women being interested in the football.  In my Twitter and Facebook feed there was plenty of trash talking. Between us I was already upset about the attitude but the feed that set me off was that of my ex (ex-ex-ex) boyfriend.  I’m sure he’s not aware that I stalk occasionally stop by his Facebook page but his feed went something like this (names have been changed to protect the innocent.....grammar hasn’t because.....obviously...duh.....what a dumbass!!!):

Mr Ex: Can someone please explain to me why I've just watched a load of women giving it large about England, they don't even understand the offside rule ffs! Erm they give out loads of grief when you go to watch you're club side, as well, might have something to do with the time off work. Hypocrites. Lol


And one of Mr Exes friends:  i agree, Mr. Ex, they are all into now, but you wont see any of em at there local lower league team playing away on a wet tuesday nite!!!!!!

Well excuse me Mr. Sexist but I’d like to set a few things straight!  I don’t pretend to know everything about football but I do know what the offside rule means. 

I have been a Leicester fan for many years and so am used to watching really bad football that has you biting your nails for at least twenty minutes a game and praying that this will be the time that you aren’t let down but you go ahead and pay through the nose every week because you are a fan. (For the Americans amongst you, it’s like being a Red Sox fan.....plenty of passion and not a win in sight!!!!)

The reason I stopped going every week is because:

a) it costs around £35 per person per match. When it was just me that was cool and I could afford a Season ticket at £600 a year.  However at £35 a match for me and another £10 for Chick as well as the car parking and food and programme, it’s just out of my reach to go to every home match 

b) In the week we wouldn’t get home until 11pm at least and Chick needs to go to school 

c) I couldn’t possibly go to any away matches for the above reasons!!!!

I’m aware that I’m reacting like a child to his off the cuff criticism (that isn’t aimed at me) but I feel that it’s unnecessary and the feminist in me should come out fighting!!!!  So I’ll lay down a challenge......

Dear Mr. Ex

Why don’t you come and look after my daughter for every Leicester home game? That way you will find me there on every Tuesday or Wednesday night screaming on my home team!!!

My absence from the football has nothing to do with the rain/cold weather and more to do with the expense, child care and week days. Therefore this is absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I don’t understand or care about football......please tell your friends that they are narrow minded idiots....mmmm ‘kay thanks!!

Love Me!


  1. You tell them Emma, everything is a game to them. Being a single parent is very difficult, and extremely expensive. Dear Mr. Ex, it's time to grow up and accept some financial responsibility, let alone why not try to be a parent once in awhile!!

  2. That's telling them... problem is they can't think outside of themselves and would never get your subtle points (if you didn't use a 2x4, that's subtle)... but, thanks, for setting the record straight... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  3. Grandma Sharon28 June 2010 at 19:39

    USA got shafted by officials on most of their matches! RED & I were also discussing the fact that most players don't even know their anthem. It should be a requirement that all players learn & proudly sing out their National Anthem!

  4. @John.....Thanks for your support hun!

    @Sharlene....I like to think that's telling them but I won't hold my breath!!!

    @Grandma Sharon....I do think it's a disgrace and everyone should know their own National Anthem!!! Maybe they should put us in charge ;-)

  5. I think your idea about Beckham as manager is inspired! Brilliant. I don't know about men and football, 99 per cent of the time they complain that we hate it, then we get interested for the world cup ...and they complain! No pleasing them

  6. @Dulwich Divorcee.....Nothing to do with the fact that he's super handsome too :-) I know what you mean...there is no pleasing them!!!