Tuesday 31 August 2010

A plain & simple rant!!!

I eat a really bad diet.  It's no secret and no surprise that I am this size. Chick is a different story and I make sure that she eats a varied balanced diet with plenty of fruit and as many vegetables as I can hide in her food.   She isn't too fussy about her food and I think she understands healthy eating pretty well for an 8 year old.  

Obviously she is allowed chocolate and biscuits as I don't want any food to be 'bad', just eaten in moderation.  The only thing that I'm really quite strict about are fizzy, sugary drinks.  Occasionally she is allowed a fruit shoot but never coke!! (Yes it's very much a case of 'do as I say, not as I do'!!!!)

We were at the shop yesterday and I was trying to decide which biscuits I fancied when Chick asked if she could buy a drink.  I waved at her indicating yes and left her to choose on her own.  A couple of minutes later she come back with some kind of OJ and I said 'sure' seeing as it's not fizzy and full of crap then I'm happy! In the car on the way home she was reading the info on the juice bottle and the conversation went a bit like this:

Chick: oh look it says it one of my 5 a day

Me: Hmmmmm....that's nice!  (Not really listening and singing along to Bon Jovi!!)

Chick: It's also get X, Y & Z in it

Me: That's nice Babe.....are you going to read the whole list???

Chick: It's got 17 grams of sugar in it

Me: What?

Chick: It's got 17 grams of sugar in it

Me:  It can't have!! That's ridiculous! Are you sure you have that right?

Chick: (Shoving it under my nose whilst I'm driving) Look, that's what it says

Me: Right, well I can't read and drive but don't start drinking it until we get home just in case you are right!!
Of course she was right!  Now I may not read food labels as a rule but when a small juice drink contains 20% of a child's daily recommended allowance of sugar there has to be a serious problem.  The fact that the juice is marketed at kids and parents as being one of their 5 a day is scandalous as far as I'm concerned.

I was going to name and shame the orange juice in question but having done some research (in the Tesco's aisle!!) it's apparent that I'm completely stupid and most of these kids juices have this much, if not more sugar in them!  I consider it a very valuable lesson learnt and Chick will be sticking to water from now on!!!

I'm interested to hear from you guys on this.  Do you have stuff that your children aren't allowed to eat or drink?  Do you boycott Nestle? Are you as naive as me and never even think about it?  I look forward to reading your comments.
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