Thursday 17 February 2011

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When I was about Fifteen I read a book by Danielle Steele called 'Message from Nam'. It really opened my eyes, not only to war, but also to how different life might be in another Country. As a result it had been on my 'Bucket List' for a long time! Ten years later at the age of 25 I finally booked a trip to Saigon and my dream was coming true.

Before I left I needed to get various shots and I don't remember which one I was at the Doctor for but one of their routine questions was 'Could you be pregnant?' As per normal answer I gave a resounding no and got my shot but...... the nurse had planted a seed in my mind that went round and round with me thinking 'Bugger! when did I last have a period?' and so began my rollercoaster journey of togetherness!!!

This is the picture of the very first time I saw my daughter and also when my mind lurched from 'I'm pregnant' to 'Oh shit, I'm having a baby and it looks like an alien'!!!!!

This is me meeting my daughter for the first time:

And all the wonderful years since:







Togetherness xxx

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