Monday 21 February 2011

London & The Baby Show

Chick and I are both night owls so when we had to get up at the crack of dawn on Friday to catch the train to London we were both really cheerful!!!! We don't get the train very often mainly because it's just so damn expensive but we'd been invited to a blogging event (which I tell you all about next week) and I thought it may be nicer than driving. It appears though that Chick gets really travel sick on the train so we probably won't be doing it again!!!

Once in London we had time to grab a quick breakfast at Kings Cross before heading to the lovely house where the blogging event was held.......around the corner from where George Michael lives no less!!! Waiting at the tube station was our very own taxi driver, dressed in what appeared to be cashmere and looking like a model...yum!!

So we did the event and when we left there was a whole fleet of what looked like chauffeur driven cars (but were actually taxis) waiting to spirit us all away to the baby show, each with our name in it. Now I've never been chauffeur driven before (what with being poor and everything) but oh my goodness what a way to travel. If ever I win the lottery the first thing I will do is hire a chauffeur!!! We got to share our car with the lovely Claire from 20 Something Mum, who is absolutely hilarious!!! I think that we certainly entertained our driver with tales of the blogging world!!!

Off to the Baby Show we went. I've never been to one before and I have to say that it was mainly under whelming but I think that's most probably because that phase of my life is most certainly over!!! The most exciting part of the Baby Show was being given a press pass for the event:

When I was getting all of our stuff together the night before, I had looked on the website to see what having a press pass involved. Basically the info said that we had our own room with refreshments laid out and a list of timings when we could meet any celebrities that may be around!!! That all sounds pretty impressive right? 

Erm.....yeah! Not so much as it turns out! It was all true and there was a room that was just for us but it was about the size of a broom cupboard and there were sandwiches and stuff but I thought it would have looked kind of rude for me to dive in and there wasn't a celebrity to be seen!!!  The press people were lovely and friendly though and they did let all of us dump our stuff there whilst we were wondering around. I think that I was expecting far too much :-)

I got to meet some of the Companies that I've worked with and have done giveaways with previously and got to hang out with some of my blogging girlies: Jen, Carol, Vic and this is me and Emma from Me, the Man and Baby:

As usual I tortured Chick and made her pose for pictures.....looks like she hates it!!!:

If you are pregnant or have young babies then I'm sure that you would love the Baby Show. All of the big guns were there but amongst them were some smaller stalls. Some selling tat but also some fabulous products.  The product that Chick and I both liked best were the Happy Hopperz bouncers. They are space hoppers but shaped as cows, dogs, reindeers and horses! We love them and are hoping to be able to write a proper review of them at some point:

Once we were all done with the baby show Chick and I had a few minutes outside running around like lunatics and posing for pictures:

We just had time for a quick stop at our favourite park before heading back on the train. It's a park that we discovered quite by accident last year and is about the same size as our garden but it's location is awesome. It's on the corner of a really busy road that leads to Tower Bridge and is opposite the Tower of London. I love that Chick can run around and get rid of some energy whilst I watch London rush past. It's quite a tranquil and green corner of the City even though it's on such a busy road and I love to watch the Tourists and the workers go about their business whilst thinking that I've still never actually been round the Tower of London and also marvelling at the new Shard building which is going to be quite a sight when it's finished!!!

With that thought in mind and after a great day we head back to our own little square of Leicestershire.

*Disclosure - I haven't been sponsored to mention Happy Hopperz or the Baby Show. Chick and I were however given free tickets to the Baby Show courtesy of Biss Lancaster who also paid our train fare.
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