Tuesday 8 February 2011

National Doodle Day

This Friday, 11th February is National Doodle Day! Until I got my first Dodo-Acad pad I had no idea that such a day even existed but it does and what's more there are some cool prizes including an iPad! There are two categories...the first is for under 17's and the second for over 17's. The winners get to have their doodles published in a future edition of the Dodo Pad and/or the Acad Pad and the winners will receive a diary displaying their masterpiece!!!

To enter you can download a doodle space from Lord Dodo (as above) and send your doodles along with a donation to the address shown on the entry form. All funds raised from Nation Doodle Day go to Epilepsy Action which I'm sure you'll agree is a fine charity. Some celebs are also getting involved including Fearne Cotton, Cherie Blair and Joanna Lumley! You can check out their entries here and also vote for your favourite. The person leading the votes at the moment is Matt Baker with this doodle:

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pencils and pens and start doodling. Closing date for entries is Friday, 4th March. 

Happy Doodling!!
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