Thursday 10 February 2011

What would your kids say?

There is a programme that Chick watches on CBBC called 'Gimme me a Break'. The basic premise of the programme is that the kids get to follow the clues and choose a holiday somewhere. The Children then set all the rules, pack the suitcases and choose what the Parents are and are not allowed to do.

Tonight I was sitting watching it with Chick and asked her what she would do if she was in charge. First off she said that she wouldn't be bothered where we went as long as it was together and with Sarah and The Punk. I asked her what her rules would be and was somewhat surprised by the result:

1) No picture taking....not a single shot!!!

2) The ability to eat chips whenever she wants without me asking her when she last had them or if she's eaten chocolate today!!!

3) For me to do what she wants immediately not tell her 'in a minute' or 'wait five minutes' or 'let me just finish this'!

The funniest thing was that she said all this whilst imitating me! 

The first one I would probably give her happily as towards the end of every holiday she stops co-operating with the picture taking, moaning that 'you must have enough by now'!!!

The second one just makes me laugh and think that I must be doing a good job her if all she can come up with is eating chips although I may have to let her indulge a little more often!

The third one worries me a bit more. I'm aware that I do this as I'm sure most Parents do but didn't realise it was such a problem for her. Ironically enough this is the one thing that drives me crazy about Chick too! I wonder where she learnt it from...................

A valuable lesson there for me though to try and be more immediate with my little Chick!!!

This is us on holiday last year!!!

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