Tuesday 15 February 2011

Why cleaning is bad for you!

All of you that know me in 'real life' or that have been readers for a while will know that housework is always way down at the bottom of my priority list. The house has two states of cleanliness: messy and really messy and that's about as good as it gets. The lounge gets a  tidy every Thursday before Chick's Dad comes and I generally just fire fight with the rest of the house.

At the weekend, I decided that this state of affairs could no longer continue and that we really needed to throw some stuff away and pick up the floordrobes! To encourage Chick to be enthusiastic I thought that I would do my room too and every so often went in and helped her decided what to keep/charity shop/throw away! She can't reach the top one of her toy shelfs as it's too high so she asked me to come and help.

I was holding the boxes on the shelf and adding more to the pile. I asked Chick to pass me something off the floor and looked down to indicate to her what I wanted when the whole lot gave way. Her Barbie Glitterizer wardrobe hit me on the head and COVERED me in Glitter! I'm sure that it would have been very amusing if the rest of the shelf hadn't landed on one of my fingers which then broke!!! My finger, not the shelf...........

Imagine if you will what I looked like standing amongst the debris of the the toys, covered in glitter....even in my eyes and trying very hard not to swear whilst clutching my clearly broken finger!!! Lol!!!! I'm now in bandage and struggling to type:

On the upside I now have an excuse never to do housework again as it's far too dangerous ;-)
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