Wednesday 11 November 2009

All the fun of the fair!!

Every year since 1221 a street fair has been held in my home town. I’m not entirely sure how it all started but I’m thinking it’s maybe changed a bit!! All the roads through the centre of Town are shut down and the fair rides and stalls set up in every tiny bit of space possible. On some of the rides you feel as though you may fly through a shop window at any second.....apparently it all adds to the excitement???

I very rarely go on the rides anymore but I still get excited like a child when it comes to fair time. Growing up in this town it’s one of the highlights of the year. A few days before the fair starts setting up the lorries park outside the town waiting to move in and that’s when the excitement begins. The whole school is talking about what might be there this year, will there be anything new, who will you go with, how much money will you get out of your Parent’ yeah it’s a big thing as a kid and I guess that’s why I still get excited is because it’s so ingrained into my brain.

Chick has been suitably excited all week exacerbated by the fact that it’s also her birthday week. (I honestly think she’s going to be sick by her birthday she’s been soooo over-excited all week!!) The good things about the fair:

- You see everyone you’ve ever known. Old school friends, people that are on your Christmas card list, everyone you can think of.

- The food. Hot dogs, burger, candy floss, toffee apple....yum!!

- The excitement. It’s a good vibe and generally people are happy.

- The lights....the best time to go is at night...all the lights are on, the music is’s fab!

As with all things there is also a downside. So here goes with the bad things about the fair that you tend to forget until the second you start walking around:

- You see everyone you’ve ever known. Every boy you’ve ever dated, the people from school you’ve lost touch with on purpose, people you avoid at all other times!

- The common people.....unfortunately I live in a town of Chavs and the fair brings them out in force....booooo!

- The busyness.....OMG you cannot move. Shops either side with a huge fair ride and a town of 57,000 trying to squeeze's about as much fun as it sounds!!! Also no-one seems to notice kids, so Chick gets trodden on or hit with handbags quite a lot. Think of the busiest festival you’ve ever been too? Now put all those people into an English street at the same time? Yep that’s how busy it is.

- The weather. It doesn’t matter how good the weather is before and after but for the four days of the fair it is freezing cold and usually raining and makes me want to move to California more than ever!!!

- The teddy bears. See this one I just don’t understand but the aim of the game is to win the biggest bear possible which I’ve never managed until this year and then this happened:

Yes that's right it's almost as big as Chick!! Oh the fun of the fair I love it!!


  1. I so miss this time of year in L'boro. It's my fav-Halloween, Bonfire Night,the Fair and Xmas!! I don't even care that it's cold either cos I'm always too excited! I think that's why I'm dragging Mike back to the UK for 3 years so I can go to the fair again! Have a toffe apple for me please love Auntie Jo Jo xxxx

  2. you was a the first one in 1221 wasn't you? :-D