Thursday 5 November 2009

I feel a bout of hypocondria coming on!!!!

On Monday night Chick came home from After School Club with her face painted as a Dalmation. On Tuesday night she came home painted as a Pumpkin. Last night she came home looking a little bit red and blotchy and by this morning she looked like this:

I'm not sure how well you can see it on the pictures but no I haven't been beating the girl!!!! She is covered in red spots and her eyes are swollen. I put my excellent powers of deduction to good work and came to the conclusion that she must've had a reaction to the face paint which seems a bit odd as she's used it so many times before with no problems. Being the overprotective Mother that I am, I thought we ought to go to the Docs and get it checked out. Normally we see our own Doc but seeing as it was no big deal we took the new guy.

Oh My Goodness.....can anyone say McDreamy. I was standing talking to the Receptionist about my blood results when this vision of loveliness called my Daughters name. I was rather devastated that I hadn't take a lot more time getting ready this morning, putting more make up on and cursing my insomnia for only letting me get three hours sleep. So we followed this vision of loveliness to his office and got Chick all checked out and sure enough just as I thought she has had an allergic reaction to the face paints.

He was so good with Chick asking her lots of questions and making her feel comfortable whilst giving me enough time to check him out and the whole time I was thinking 'Gosh, I bet he has a good bedside manner!!!!!' Chick has some cream for her face so we'll see how she goes. Thankfully she isn't feeling any discomfort she just looks terrible and is fed up of being asked if she has Chicken Pox!!!!! I can feel a few trips to the Docs coming on just to ogle my own McDreamy!!!


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