Tuesday 17 November 2009

Birthday Fun

So, some of you may have noticed that my little Chick was 7 on Saturday and that she also has a bit of a Hannah Montana obsession. With that in mind I'm pretty sure that you can guess what kind of party she had.....we kinda made it a Rock Star party too so that the boys she'd invited would want to come. We had some lovely party food:

Some gorgeous fairy cakes made by my delightful Apprentice and decorated by Chick and I:

A Hannah Montana Rock Star cake:

All the kids came dressed up and this is Chick as Hannah Montana:

Chick had some amazing presents from everybody mainly Hannah Montana obviously, but lots of other cool stuff. She had some tickets to see Kasabian tomorrow night (yay!!!I'm excited) and a new bedroom from me but I think her favourite present was this:

Yep that's right my seven year old has her very own laptop. It's my Mum's old one and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about it Chick isn't allowed on it unless I'm around and watching, it has very strong parental locks and she isn't allowed on it every day!!!

Think it's safe to say she had a fabulous birthday.......a million thanks to everyone for their presents and birthday wishes. The only problem now is where the heck to put all this lovely stuff!!


  1. OH how sad I am for missing her b'day : (
    Still it looks likes she had a great time-I want some of those cakes!! Love Auntie Jo-Jo

  2. This little one isn't spoiled or anything is she? :)

  3. @ Auntie Jojo - We miss you too hunny. We'll bring you some cakes in 6 weeks when we get to see you.....arrrrggggghhh!!!

    @ Grandma Sharon - Hmmm....I think she is only spoiled by the lovely Grandparents that she has in her life ;-)