Saturday 7 November 2009


I know that Bonfire Night was actually on Thursday but there didn't seem to be too much happening and to be honest Thursday is the day when Chick and I crash in front of the t.v. because we are too shattered to do anything else! We had thought about going along to the biggest display in the Area but then we got invited to a small fireworks party and thought we'd go with that instead even though the fireworks may not be quite as grand.

I absolutely adore fireworks. My favourite in the world are the 4th July fireworks at Lake Tahoe followed closely by the ones in London on New Years Eve so these didn't really compare but we had a lot of fun even if my pictures are slightly pathetic!!! (I may have been too busy gossiping to catch the good ones!!!)


  1. I'm glad to see that Chick isn't afraid of the fireworks anymore! (& you know I'll take you to Lake Tahoe if you come see me!!)

  2. She still isn't overly keen on the Rockets and real loud ones but is much better than she used to be!! I was saying to Red yesterday that I wish we could afford to come over more often. I keep trying to win the lottery so maybe one of these days it'll happen then we can come 4 times a year.....first class xxxx