Monday 2 November 2009


Because I'm so organised and not a lazy ass (honest!!) we didn't even get around to putting up the Halloween decorations but I did put together both of our costumes...neither of which was hugely original. Here's my 'Little Devil':

I was trying to stay away from (slutty) store bought costumes this year apart from a couple of (non-slutty) items from the pound shop. This is Chick and I:

I thought that we looked ok until I got to the party and everyone was like 'What are you supposed to be?' I presumed I was an obvious Witch even though my broom disappeared in about 10 seconds flat.....One of these two looks like a likely candidate for the theft:

Happy 'belated' Halloween to all!!!

Apologies for the delay but my internet connection was down ALL weekend!!!

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  1. you both look really cute! Thanks for the pics