Tuesday 24 November 2009

Twilight Obsessed.....Who me???

So occasionally something happens and I forget how old I am until someone makes a comment and it reminds me that I’m not 18 I am actually 30-something!! Take the whole Twilight obsession. It took me a while but as most of you know I hate to feel like I’m missing out on anything and seeing as the whole world was talking about it I figured I’d better read the books. I bought Twilight and before you could say ‘Edward’ I was hooked. I bought and read the remaining three books in the series within a week and have read them a few times since.

I’m not sure what it is that appeals to me. I would guess the love story side of it but I’m not sure how well I would deal with someone in real life that is as obsessive as Edward (Actually I do know.....I would avoid them like the plague and drink massive amounts of vodka until they left me alone!!!) I don’t deal with the whole commitment thing so well......but that’s probably a story for another day. Maybe it’s the whole teenage angst, abstinence and first love thing. I imagine we all remember those days with a sense of nostalgia. Then of course I had to see the movie, which is beginning to grow on me but still doesn’t fill me with joy like the books. One of the best things about the movie is Robert Pattinson.

Now I understand that I’m maybe a little older than his 20 years but as a Vampire he’s like 110 or something so that balances it all out!!! Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob is however completely off limits because hot as hell body or not I am so totally old enough to be his Mother (Sorry Sarah but I am!!!!) (A quick Wikipedia search tells me that he is younger than my youngest brother.....wrong on so many levels!!!) On Saturday night I get to go and see New Moon with someone else my age who is also Twilight obsessed but is pretending she’s too cool and doesn’t know what all the fuss is about (you know who you are woman!!) I may be the slightest bit excited about it!!!!

Last week I was maybe a little bit tipsy and decided to pledge my allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob before we go to the cinema. I randomly Googled each Team and was swamped by choices of crap to buy to support both Teams. I considered buying a Team Edward t-shirt and texted a certain friend to ask what she thought. The conversation went like this:

Me: Would it be really tragic for a rather large, 33 year old Mother to buy a Team Edward t-shirt???

Her: Honestly? Yep!

Ok....so that was kinda the answer that I was expecting!!! I decided instead that maybe I’ll go for one of these badges....all of which made me giggle when I was a bit drunk:

And this is my absolute favourite:Then I thought actually seeing as I'm soooo old I'll wear what I damn well choose even if people think I look ridiculous, so now I'm torn between these t-shirts:

I think it may have to be this one though:

Just take a minute to imagine that.................I know, I know I am a brazen hussy (Sorry Mom!!)....but there is nothing wrong with a girl keeping her options open or joining them together!!!! So, I guess this is my confession to my obsession...I’m a 33 year old Mother who is obsessed with a 17 year old Vampire and a 16 year old Werewolf. You can find me on Saturday night at the cinema drooling over Edward alongside all the other (17) 33 year old women in my threesome t-shirt!!!!


  1. I don't know what you mean!! And your wearing the tshirt?!?!

  2. - You know how much you love it when I say we are old enough to be someone's Mother and no I won't be wearing the T-shirt when we go out after ;-)

  3. lol!! So did you get the t-shirt cos I really want one now? By the way after seeing Edward topless in the movie, I'm totally Team Jacob now. It was a cringworthy moment indeed! Plus my man is hotstuff like Jacob-I mean literally hot, as in boiling but great on a cold NZ night!! love Auntie Jo-Jo