Thursday 19 November 2009


Last night we went to see Kasabian as one of Chick's birthday presents. They are an awesome band that I got into after Sarah and I went to see them back in May. It was possibly one of the best gigs I've ever been to.....I couldn't get over how fantabulous they were live. We also followed them to Wembley where they were supporting Oasis and they were once again unbelieveably outstanding. I enjoyed it sooooo much even though I was so sick I could barely bounce!!!

Obviously since May I've had the cd on in the car non-stop which is why Chick was desperate to go and see them. So we fought through the howling wind and miserableness that is a cold November night in England, paid (through the nose) for car parking, t-shirts and food and got ridiculously excited. This is Chick waiting for Kasabian to come on stage:

Originally the Lead Singer Tom was the object of my affections but since he had his hair cut he looks like every other chav in our home town (albeit a bit cuter) so I've had to switch loyalties and go with Serge:

Crap picture I know but we were sitting at a funny angle. It was pretty cool but nowhere near as good as the other two times I've seen them. I can't put my finger on what the problem was. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or the fact that I had Chick with me so was on best Mummy behaviour instead of drunken jumping around Kasabian behaviour or if it was them playing soooooo many slow songs??? Chick really enjoyed it until about half way through and then once they had played her favourite song she was all for going home as she was tired. Because I'm a mean Mummy (and I wanted to stare at Serge) I made her stay pretty much to the end. This is her tired face as we were leaving, very unimpressed that I was taking a picture of her with them in the background:

I wonder if she'll want to stay to the end when I sell my soul to buy Miley Cyrus tickets for her for Christmas???? ;-)

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  1. Haha, I saw the picture of Chick with her arms in the air and had to comment! I've been obsessed with Kasabian since around her age and I'm interested to know what her favourite song is :) I went to the first Wembley date of this tour and it was incredible, though I can't say I agree with your Tom/chav comparison ;) x