Tuesday 3 November 2009

I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with me this week. I don’t know if I still have a metaphorical hangover from the baby news last week or if I still have an actual hangover from all the Halloween parties at the weekend but I’m feeling out of sorts for no apparent reason.

I’ve been having terrible nightmares for the last couple of nights that included trying to decapitate one of my brothers with a chainsaw and my Mum stealing Chick. I’m sure a Therapist would have a field day on what that actually means but in real life all it means is that I’m extra grumpy and emotional through lack of sleep.

Chick’s Dad is here for his visitation as I’m typing and I can’t even bring myself to go make conversation with him and have made some flimsy excuse about having to work shut away in the kitchen. Although Chick seems to be enjoying the visit from the sound of all the giggling floating through!!!! Talking of which work has been a barrel of laughs too with 3 people having been off sick and the rest of us so busy I could scream!!

Maybe it’s the stress of organising a Hannah Montana party or the fact that Christmas and our Australia trip are only 7 weeks away (OMG 7 weeks.....I’ll never be ready!! I still need to shop and lose a dress size....pressure much?????)(And yes I’m quite aware I could’ve started losing weight/shopping before) Gee, I bet y’all are glad you came over here today huh???? Maybe it’s the changing of the clocks that’s making me all out of whack. Maybe once Chick is asleep I need to put on some sad music like this, have a cry and get my normal, happy brain back into gear:


Such a sad song. Wow....I've used a lot of maybes!!! Any ideas for cheering me up my lovely readers?????


  1. Come round mine tommorrow night and I'll cheer you up!!! Wahahah!!! If you need help with organizing the party, slapping mothers, I'm here!!! xx

  2. Wow, that's a song to make you cry for sure!!! Love Auntie Jo Jo