Tuesday 23 February 2010

Apologies and School Trips

You know I try really hard to keep this Blog about me and Chick and my life and not write about things that may offend or upset other people.  However sometimes I forget myself and the fact that I'm not a nameless Blogger and that some of my readers actually know me.  By writing about some topics or mentioning names I have inadvertently upset a very good friend of mine and so I wanted to start off with a big apology and a promise to try not and remember myself in future.

Today my little Chick has gone off on her first overnight school trip.  I stayed to wave her off on the coach and thankfully didn't cry like some Parents.  Having said that I'm really missing her tonight and am trying to pretend that she's just fast asleep in bed!!  The ridiculous thing is that the place they have gone too is literally 4 miles away....not far enough to even begin to miss her.  The house is awfully quiet though!

This is a picture of Chick and her 2 friends ready for the off this morning:

So what am I going to do with the house all to myself?  Well, I went to visit my Grandma and eat cake and watch the Olympics and now I'm in my PJ's with a bottle of wine.  I am going to spend the rest of the evening guilt free on the laptop, drinking wine, watching crap T.V. and eating all the junk food that Chick isn't allowed to eat....who says I'm not Rock 'n' Roll???!!!


  1. Wow! Overnight school trips are a thing of the very distant past here in the states! She looks very excited to be going.

  2. You are totally rock and roll! I've never heard of an overnight school trip.

    So my blog looked normal to you? It looks totally screwy in Firefox.

  3. It's totally ok to miss her and still enjoy your time alone. It's also the time you can be really goofy and not have to worry about your kids making fun of you (not that I do that hahaha). Hope you had a good evening.

  4. Shame the organ grinder couldnt sort out their life!