Friday 26 February 2010

Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent

Has it been a week worth remembering? Or how about a week worth forgetting? Has your calendar been so filled with things to do and places to be that you want to rip the thing off your wall and throw it in the trash? Then grab a letter of intent button from Julie at Foursons and let it all out!!!

Dear Hertz

You suck. 

I'm am done with being nice. 

I hired a car from you for a whole month in Austalia and all I want is my deposit back.  I am really struggling to understand why sending out a cheque for £120 is a problem for a huge multinational Corporation.  I gave you my cash and now you won't return it.  I've had e-mail conversations back and forth with your customer service department who keep telling me that I need to be patient.

Well I think that now 5 weeks have passed I've been patient enough and hope you can maybe understand why I'm losing my temper.  Today I spoke to a complete bitch lovely woman in your Customer Services Team who told me that I should've paid the deposit on my credit card instead of by cash and then I wouldn't be having this problem.  Also that cheques are so outdated it can take you 8 weeks to raise an order for one!! 

What fantastic customer service and what utter bullshit. 

The reason that I didn't pay the deposit on the card was because my credit card company were celebrating Christmas and I couldn't get anyone to answer the damn phone to figure out what the problem was.  Cash was therefore my only option.   I'm so glad that the car didn't break down becuase we would probably of still been stuck there in the middle of the Outback, if this is your attitude!

I forewarned you that if I didn't have a satisfactory outcome by today then I was going to share my complaint with the World via social networking and you either didn't believe me or didn't care.  If this letter makes people think twice about booking car hire through you then my job here is done!!!  I certainly won't be using you again and I shall link this blog to all my Twitter followers and through Facebook too.

I look forward to your reply (or not!!!)

A majorly pissed off customer!


  1. You need to send this off to someone at Hertz. Say something along the lines of how unhappy you are with their service and send them the link to this.

    Thanks for linking up and keep us updated!

  2. Awww. That sucks. I'm having similar issues with the US air force.(come to my L.O.I on my blog to see) I'm really sory you have to deal with this, but good for you for getting it out there

  3. You would think in this economy they would be doing whatever they could to keep customers happy. Ever heard of referrals and repeat business Hertz? Geesh.

  4. popping by from Foursons now that I'm on a pc that will let me reply on blogger ... I had the same problem with my car rental place (Enterprise) after someone totalled my car by smashing into it. Fortunately, my NEW car was stolen before Enterprise had a chance to return my deposit so they just kept if for the SECOND deposit I required in 5 months!!