Monday 8 February 2010

Baby Steps and Love Hearts

I have lots of things swirling around in my brain today that I feel the need to write about but I'm not sure that I can find the words.  We could talk about how it's Valentines Day this week and I'm officially single for roughly the 10th year in a row but that would make me sound bitter and twisted and that sucks. 

We could talk about how much my promotion has sucked so far except I know that people from work read my blog and I guess it's not very professional to talk about how it's affecting me when I work in HR (I'll just e-mail you all separately!!) 

We could talk about the fact that I'm avoiding Chick's Teacher so she can't tell me yet again that Chick is back chatting.....I'm not a bad Mother (honest) I just get sick of telling Chick to toe the line over stupid stuff that doesn't really matter!!  So instead of all the stuff that sucks let's talk about baby steps!! (Not actual babies before any of you start baby days are well and truly over!!)

Today I actually made it to the gym at lunchtime for the first time in about 3 months.  This may seem like a ridiculous thing to be excited about but a) I got a lunch break and b) I went to the gym!!!!!  That's right the Kilimanjaro training has commenced....thankfully I have 10 months to do the training 'cos I would never have made it up there today.  The first 5 minutes on the cross trainer I figured I was doing pretty minute 15....well let's just say I was looking rather flushed.  Then I thought that I'd climb uphill on the treadmill which again lasted about 15 minutes until I decided that my blisters (from running last week) were so bad I'd have to stop and do weights instead!!!  Baby steps are the way forward and at least I got off my ass!!

So, back to the Valentines Day thing.  I have no problem with being single on this particular day but it's rubbish that I miss out on presents.  These are some of the things I may treat myself to just to let me know how much I love myself and that I am worth it:

Gotta lurve me some Krispy Kreme


More shoes!!! No, I don't have enough pairs but thanks for your concern ;-)

Mulberry Bayswater......ok yes I'm dreaming now!!!

So, yep I'm totally worth it and I am obviously capable of buying myself love related presents!! I'll keep you posted on how the training goes!!!

* I have not been paid by Krispy Kreme, Office or Mulberry for the above mentions however if any of them should feel like offering me freebies I will gladly write about them every day for a year!!!!!!


  1. hint hint hint.......xx

  2. Hey Anonymous.....the Mulberry bag would be awesome thanks ;-)